Contact Center Services

Center Services

Cloud Service Delivery

Cloud call center, Cloud operator, Cloud omnichannel

CRM- Omnichannel

Customer service information system, Customer service management, Channel Management, Back Office

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

Social media account management, Social media monitoring, Digital marketing, PR services

Video Call Services

Camera Recording – Taking Photos – Screen recording (Video or Screen Recording), Face recognition feature, Video Call

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services special for you, Technology that learns and applies


Pr Studies, Conventional Marketing

CRM Cloud Omnichannel

We can manage your entire customer service process end-to-end with customer-centered digital transformation processes instead of e-mail.

Get to know your customers from all channels, increase their trust and inform them before they ask you.
Root cause analysis.
Delay and escalation reportings.
Communication channel performances.
Performances of the unit, department, person and all stakeholders.

Customer Relations Management

B2B/B2C/B2B2C marketing. Dynamic digital segmentation.
Digital behavior tracking.
Sales automation.

Customer Services Management

Multi-channel communication.
Process-oriented customer service.
Artificial intelligence and learning engines.
Codeless design. Self-service knowledge base.

Business Process Management

Process design and implementation.
Real-time monitoring.
Integration framework


SOCIAL MEDIA Service Process

We Use The Most Suitable Visual And Communication Language For Your Brand.


Brand Personality

Forming differentiated brand personality


Competitor analysis

Analyzing and comparing the competitors of the sector served.


Custom Content Production

Producing content specific to the determined strategy.



Follow your brand's social media interaction and changes with month-end reports.


Target Market Analysis

Who does your brand appeal to?


Scheduled Sharing Management

Post and content sharing in the right place at the right time.



Social Media monitoring and replying to instant messages.

Data Update & Cleansing

Reaching the right people

Primary contacts in your existing data are accessed.

Creating a correct data record

While creating your data, data about your target customer group is collected.

Data recording with modern methods

Your data is recorded through all our communication channels and modern communication portals.

Customer information Update

Your existing data records are meticulously updated, and dirty and outdated data are cleaned.

Data logging training

After your data is updated, your team is trained for correct data recording

Multilingual call center representatives

Accurate and effective communication is established for your multilingual customers while recording data.

Marketing Services


Strategic Marketing and Brand Management

Strategy development
Branding and Positioning
Outbound Marketing


Digital Marketing

Performance Marketing
Social Media Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing


Creative Effective Ideas

UI / UX Design
Graphic Design
Motion Design
Reputation Management


Technology and E-Trade

E-Commerce Consultancy
Mobile Applications


Preparing Presentations

Preparing visual presentations.
Planning presentation content.
Preparation of workflow algorithm plan.