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FCS is a global company that provides customer service under agreements with world-renowned service providers. It is a structure that consists of professionals covering services including contact and call center solutions, management of inbound&outbound calls, virtual secretary, IVR, cloud service, technology support services, Omnichannel CRM, data management, video call, screen recording, digital marketing, social media management etc.

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Why Should You Work with FCS?

If your competitors have 24/7 live operator assistance and you don’t, they have an advantage that will affect your bottom line. If customers don’t get the help they need from you, they may soon turn to your competitors. We make your business more attractive for customers. We follow your customers’ demands.

With our business call center services, you don’t need to purchase equipment or maintain infrastructure. You can save on rent, electricity and other expenses, and leave the technology management and applications to us.

Hiring and training someone to manage customer calls is costly and time consuming. By outsourcing your answering services, you can help your business grow quickly. Our affordable business call center services save you money so you can finance other projects while keeping your customers satisfied.
If you want to do this with your current employees to provide 24/7 customer support, they will likely have less time to work at their designated job, which will reduce productivity. Paying them overtime to handle the extra workload can also come at a very high cost. With our representatives, we are at your service to serve your customers and ensure their loyalty and create additional income.
Unlike hiring additional employees, you only pay for the time our representatives work for you. This means only paying for what you need rather than paying someone regardless of whether they are on the call or not.
Our contact center services for businesses do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer fully customizable and flexible plans. We train our representatives to best meet your customers’ needs through the contact center.

With our professional solutions, it can collect and monitor customer service information to improve analysis processes and turn them into market opportunities. We can identify customer trends and new ways to help your small business thrive.

Management from a single contact center, Cost advantage, Reportable system, Providing professional customer experience.
End-to-end customer management, Customer loyalty management, Channel analysis, Sector analysis, Competitor analysis, New customer acquisition, Campaign formation analysis.